Unhealthy Owl Obsession

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Floofy and poofy and other fun words. :3

16. Florida. Homesick for the North.

I'm not a photographer, but I like taking pictures and photo editing as well as writing poetry. :3 Expect to see both of those things from me!

I wish I looked like her.
I used to own a copy of this! My neighbors and I would have sleepovers and they’d always beg me to read them a story from it to them. I obliged and then I’d build a fort to “protect” them from whatever was in the story that scared them. Those were good times.


Except when I call you crying.

Anonymous said: I can't wait to grow up and tell my kids "Hey, y'know that girl you're listening to? we went to school together" then the kids are like omfg! then i call you over and we have dinner and my kids go gaga over you and we reconnect since you wouldve become so famous from all that talent you got. But thats in the future. The futures gonna be fun.

Aw thanks anon!! :DD I hope so!

He is so aw :3
Watch out… We’ve got a ba-a-a-a-ad ass over here!

I’m home alone.

Time to start my concert

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